Restorative Trauma

Welcome. My name is Cristina Del Principe (MSW, RSW, Social Worker/Psychotherapist), owner of the Restorative Trauma Practice. My goal as a clinician is to provide relief and the experience of wellness to all the individuals I work with.  I have over 10 years of extensive clinical practice guiding individuals out of past and present traumatic and hurtful experiences. This is accomplished through building a respectful, collaborative relationship and using evidenced-based trauma therapies. I creatively combine leading trauma approaches like EMDR, sensorimotor psychotherapy, and ego-state interventions throughout the entire therapeutic journey. These approaches engage and heal the whole person – thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and somatic reactions.  

I work with individuals who are experiencing post-traumatic stress reactions, anxiety, depression, intrusive memories, feelings, and body reactions, experiences of disconnection with self and environment, nightmares, addictive and/or relational challenges, loss, and overwhelming feelings of grief, shame, low self-worth, guilt, fear, anger, and confusion, among other issues. 

Please read Restorative Trauma Practice Policies and Procedures, as well as the Informed Consent form, on this site, to learn more about me and my practice. If you are in agreement with these documents or have any questions, please call 437-983-3154 to book an appointment for a free consultation. You can email me through my Psychology Today profile.