Restorative Trauma

Welcome. My name is Cristina Del Principe (MSW, RSW, Social Worker/Psychotherapist), owner of the Restorative Trauma Practice, located in downtown Barrie, Ontario. My goal as a clinician is to provide relief and the experience of wellness to all the adult individuals (18 years and older) I work with. I have 14 years of extensive clinical practice guiding individuals out of past and present traumatic and hurtful life experiences. This is accomplished through building a respectful, collaborative relationship and creatively combining trauma therapy approaches like eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), sensorimotor psychotherapy, and interventions that heal distressing cognitive, emotional, behavioural, and somatic reactions, throughout the entire therapeutic journey. My approach to psychotherapy is focused, individualized, and trauma-informed. I completed my Master of Social Work at the University of Toronto in 2012, and currently engaged in doctoral studies. Throughout my career, I have developed a deep appreciation for therapies that consider the whole-person as I have witnessed great change and growth from the individuals I have and continue to work with. Degrees and professional certificates are available upon request. 

I work with individuals who are experiencing post-traumatic stress reactions (PTSR), complex PTSR, dissociation, anxiety, depression, intrusive memories, feelings, and body reactions, experiences of disconnection with self and environment, nightmares, addictive and/or relational challenges, intense changes in moods, loss, and overwhelming feelings of grief, shame, low self-worth, guilt, fear, anger, and confusion, among other issues. 

I offer 30, 60, or 90-minute appointments. Also, I can schedule individual therapeutic intensives. My fee is $150/hour. Please consult with your insurance company to see if your plan covers Social Worker/Psychotherapist services. 

If you are interested in learning more on how I can support you, please call 437-983-3154 or email me through my Psychology Today profile, link provided below. We can book a free consultation where we can discuss your needs and goals.

I do not provide crisis services. If you are in a crisis, you can call 9-1-1, go to your nearest hospital, or call a crisis line, like the Canadian Mental Health Association of Barrie: 1-888-893-8333. If I do receive crisis voice messages or emails, I maybe required to contact emergency services if safety concerns are present.